Purchasing Approval Form

Purchasing Approval Form

Most purchases require pre-approval from the board, in order to be eligible for reimbursement. This is the form you use to get permission to buy things for the lab.

This form posts directly to the members mailing list, where discussion & approval (+1s by the board) will take place. Be sure to keep an eye on the list for any questions we might have!

If your purchase is approved, don’t forget to keep your receipts!

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    Use the + sign to add additional lines as needed
  • Drop files here or
    Attach any required files to support your request (quotes, etc)

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PLEASE NOTE:  Interviews are available and new members are being accepted.  We are throttling the number of interviews and tours in the interest of our members safety.  We do hope to see you soon!  As always, you can find a video tour on YouTube in the mean time (click here). Thank you for your patience and understanding. Happy making!

Please use this form to send us any questions you might have about the Kwartzlab community or the makerspace that are not answered on the website; please also feel free to send us any comments or suggestions you might have!

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